Welcome Address by the OG真人 Rector, Prof Dr S Sohail H Naqvi at the OG真人 Graduation 2022



Chancellor of the University, 阿迦汗殿下

大学赞助人, Their Excellencies the Presidents of the Founding States of Tajikistan, 吉尔吉斯斯坦和哈萨克斯坦



理事会主席Shamsh Kassim-Lakha





Welcome to the 2nd Convocation Ceremony of the University of Central Asia.

Hard to believe that already a year has passed since the first batch of students from the 艺术学院 and Science, 毕业. 就像群山环绕着OG真人官方网站的校园, 回荡着毕业典礼上的音乐, and as Spring leisurely transitions to Summer with a riot of colours across the campus and a hint of warmth in the breeze; the realization must surely be coming to 你 that it is time to fly the nest and soar across new horizons opening up.

亲爱的毕业生, 你来到这个机构, when it was only a promise and a grand vision of His Highness -- of education and research to improve the quality of life of the people of these beautiful surroundings. 在过去的几年里, 你在一次又一次的学术挑战中取得了成功, 然后,你们每个人, 作为你们教育之旅的压轴之作, undertook a project on a topic of 你r choice that reflected 你r passion. Contextualizing 你r knowledge and learning, 你 worked on, for example:

Quantifying Risks of the Naturally Dammed Lake Rivakkul in Gorno Badakhshan

The Story of Resettlement: Afghan Refugees in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan


The Role of Gender in Accessing Finance by Small and Medium Enterprises in Central Asia

忠于财政大臣的愿景, 你, 毕业生, have strived to understand our communities and how we may chart a path for their development.


世界也认可你们的成就. Aqila Hassanzada is already at Brown University in the US, 多亏了布朗大学的部分奖学金, and Chairman Lakha’s successful 努力 for the remainder; Suyuna Dadybaeva, 去年毕业的学生, is proceeding on a full scholarship to the National University of Singapore; and Zulfiqor Khojazoda, also from last year’s batch received a full Erasmus Mundos scholarship for study at Ghent university!


这也是充满冲突和损失的一年, 通过所有这些挫折, 你坚持了下来. Life never progresses as planned and 你r demonstrated ability to adapt, will serve 你 well.

The educational and research journey of 毕业生 in Khorog and Naryn has greatly benefited from work of the constituent institutes of the 发展研究院 conducting research on subjects ranging from climate change and natural disasters, 生命在吉尔吉斯斯坦

考察,帕米尔地区的文化遗产. 在应用程序域中, partnership with the 学校的专业 and Continuing education is bring entrepreneurship and innovation to our campuses, while also helping define new pathways for the preparatory year programmes.

将这些知识运用到多个领域, guiding the students through 你r academic and personal journeys on campus, 是文理学院的教员吗. The success of 毕业生 today is a vivid testimony to their brilliant 努力, so ably guided by the Dean Khomyakov and Associate Deans Kuchakshoev and Ashrafi, 得到系主任的支持.

Parallel to the academic journey that has brought each of 毕业生 here, is their individual journey and struggles that have shaped them. 藏在这幅画后面的是祈祷者, 努力, 父母的爱和无尽的支持, 家人和朋友. Graduates, recognize that today has been made possible by all 你r loved ones.

We also acknowledge the significant financial support of the 阿迦汗发展网络, and the guidance of OG真人’s board of trustees who are the architects of this dream -- realized in part today.

This year saw the unveiling of the creative space in Naryn and the Geodynamics laboratory in Khorog. Multiple 你ng faculty members received scholarships to complete their PhD studies at our partner institutions, and in a novel experiment Communications and Media students “virtually” became a part of multiple classes taught at the University of Auckland. 与世界合作, we are clear that enhancement of student and faculty experience will drive our future.

巩固学习的经验, 地面OG真人官方网站, 让生活变得更美好, 锻造出塑造OG真人官方网站的钢铁.

那么,亲爱的同学们,你们要记住什么呢? Formulas, techniques, history dates, references -- or something deeper.

What we remember is linked to our experiences – and our heart. 你会记得什么触动了你的心, 唤起爱的情感, 尊重, 感激,也许还有悲伤. You will remember that which engaged with 你r value system. The rest of the memories will evolve and be shaped with time and experience.

在文理学院, 课程, learning and living experience has been designed to focus on that which is core -- service to humanity -- and will endure. OG真人 values, an integral part of 你r steel, is what 你 take forward. 他们会为你服务的.

现在, 在我结束校长任期时, 是你们俩的时候了, 亲爱的毕业生, 我要告别了——怀着无尽的感激之情.

现在,我非常荣幸和高兴地邀请到. Shamsh Kassim-Lakha, Chairman of the 董事会 for his address.